• I love cardio exercises, I like to sweat and to feel out of breath, so I know I work enough. This year I was lucky to start private lessons with Mirela. I now see that Pilates workouts can be very demanding too! I have managed to improve my joint mobility and to see improvements to my Pilates level.

    Alina Santea
    Alina Santea
  • During my Pilates workouts I felt all my muscles and all the fibers in my body engaged. Mirela has carefully explained what was wrong and how to make the execution right. This ishow I managed to get rid of a stuborn back pain.

    Silvia Teculescu
    Silvia Teculescu Customer Service
  • Mirela is an inspiring special person. With an infinite patience, in extraordinary sense of observation, she understands your needs and what you can do. She kindly and smilingly explains why the exercises are useful so I hardly wait to come again next time. I feel that my body has changed.

    Gabriela Bobes
    Gabriela Bobes Actrita

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“Fundamentals of a healthy life” – if you don’t like reading, you can now listen. This is a comprehensive look into the world of wellness. Features interviews with experts in various fields: sport, nutrition, lifestyle.

  • Pilates package 5 sessions/mont
    Pilates package 5 sessions/mont
  • Nutrition Package: 5 sessions/month
    Nutrition Package: 5 sessions/month
  • Pilates & Nutrition Package: 5 Pilates session + 5 Nutrition sessions
    Pilates & Nutrition Package: 5 Pilates session + 5 Nutrition sessions

About me

Sport has been for a good part of my life a way of de-stressing from a hectic life. Wife, mom, working in marketing or advertising on microscopic deadlines, fitness used to be just a way to unwind. Went to all kind of classes until I decided yoga & Pilates fit me best.

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