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As a BASI student and a Pilates Instructor, I go to the gym everyday for 2+ hours. Therefore I need a large gym bag to stuff all I need.

1. A file where I bind all my printouts with different Pilates routines. I practice everyday, so I follow everyday another workout.

2. A notebook with different workouts for my clients. I teach each client according to her own level, so I take time and write another routine every week. Last month I went to a Pilates workshop where I’ve learnt to work with thera-band & softball, a nice addition to my private mat clients.

3. BASI Pilates books – I sometimes carry the books with me, I use them to review the setting, muscle focus, objectives and cueing in the exercises. Books are only complimentary to my first source of reference, BASI Pilates exercises on Pilates Interactive website.

4. Balls and binder. During certain exercises, I place the balls between feet and knees to maintain a proper alignment for me – I have knocked knees – and for my clients. I also use the binder to demonstrate lateral breathing and proper use of abdominal and back muscles.

5. Water bottle. I usually drink about 1 liter in the morning (until 12), 0,5-1 liter after workouts and up to 0,5 liter at each meal. For people who are training hard or long hours, people participating in competitions, or for athletes there are different strategies, but for my personal needs, 2-3 liters per day are enough.

If you want to see what is in my gym bag, you may follow me on Instagram m.therapy9, will post today in InstaStory.

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