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Performing Swan at Karuna Studio

The Wunda Chair is a simple piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. I is t was a home exercise machine consisting of a seat, a pedal and springs attached to a pedal.

It is designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment. You can sit on it, lie on/over it or stand on the chair or on the floor and push the foot bar with their hands or feet.

There are all types of exercises focusing on core strength, leg strength, shoulder girdle stability, mobility and strength and functional movements such as standing, climbing, pushing and lifting.

The chair is probably the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment in terms of building strength in the legs and shoulders. Exercises on the chair are great for skiers, runners, tennis players, golfers, but not only.

The chair is not easy to use, it highlights imbalances and weaknesses, but also provides ways of dealing with them.

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