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1. Good nutrition controls energy balance. You should take as much as you need to keep the balance between energy intake  (food)and energy expenditure ( metabolic rate, physical activity

2. Good nutrition gives us nutrients. When eating something always think whether is rich in nutrients ( colored vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, eggs, whole grains) or not (chips, soda, hot dogs, refined flour)

3. Good nutrition helps us look , feel and perform our best. A good approach is to observe how is each food working for you. Not only if you like it. Does it make you feel well short term, long term? Good to know.

4. Good nutrition means you care about what you are eating, you make mindful, deliberate choices. Means you eat when you’re hungry, not when you you’re stressed, tired, thirsty or bored. Create a nice atmosphere, chew food thoroughly, take your time and enjoy every bite!

5. Good nutrition means food quality. Eat whole, raw or minimally processed, nutrient rich food. Look for colored vegetables and fruits.

6. Good nutrition doesn’t involve a specific diet. There is no such thing as best diet. People are different and our body adapts well to many types of eating.

7. Good nutrition sometimes is simple. Often, people struggle with how they look and feel and this can be due to hormonal imbalances, or due to dietary deficiencies: not getting the right nutrients, in the right amounts. Our energy levels, appetite, strength, endurance, and mood, these all rely on getting enough of these essential nutrients. Instead of going to different diets, identify what is missing from your diet and fix it!⁣

8. Good nutrition means having only healthy food in the house. If a food is in house, you or a family member will inevitably eat it.

9. A good nutrition strategy is to prioritize healthy eating: Meal Prep. This is Planning, preparing, and portioning in advance everything that might be stored in the fridge. Sometimes meals are fully cooked, other times not. Storing is done in special containers, preferable made of glass, with tight lids. Meal prep saves time, money and keeps you in shape as you don’t need to grab a snack or order fast food.

10. The last but not the least. If you’re struggling with nutrition goals think that you can always quit. Just do it TOMMOROW

Finally, when it comes to getting the results you want, what you do consistently matters the most!


Precision Nutrition website, FB page; Peng C, Wang X -Biology of aging and role of dietary antioxidants

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